• Deborah Kammer

    Deborah Kammer

  • Nancy Nigrosh

    Nancy Nigrosh

    Gives an agent’s insider perspective about realities of the writing career game http://nancynigrosh.com

  • Andrew Everett

    Andrew Everett

    searching for the right words

  • Johnny Misheff

    Johnny Misheff

    Question everything.

  • NotVeryProfoundFilm


    Entertainment Writer, Sometimes a Film Critic, Avid Disney Villain Song Connoisseur || Follow me on Twitter @NVProfoundFilm

  • Oguzhan D

    Oguzhan D

    Graduate of MSc Management Engineering in the field of Design Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Steve


    It seemed like a good idea at the time. Editor-in-Chief at @tomorrowsverse

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